What does SolutionOne ERP mean to your business?

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What does SolutionOne ERP mean to your business?

There are many types of companies, and each and every company has a unique set of requirements when it comes to adopt the ERP software. In this article, we will discover the role of Solution One ERP software in manufacturing industry. Inorder to achieve their objectives, manufacturers must be able to accelerate all the processes and make everything more efficient by using an ERP.

Solution One’s ERP software has been dedicatedly designed for the Engineering Products Manufacturing Industries. It enables the automation and integration of various core business functions and regulate the business process with modules such as Sales, CRM, Finance, Design, Planning and Production, Inventory Management, Supply chain management, Jobwork HR, and others related to their business process. It helps manufacturers reduce costs by automating many of the tasks that are traditionally done manually. The company has covered all the functionalities and important features that are necessary to run the business operation smoothly and in the right direction.

SolutionOne ERP manages the material that arrives in the organization, when ordered in how much quantity, can also manage stock in unit-wise, warehouse-wise, rack-wise, minimum order level and its life duration. You can also track by batch number in which order the material is used with quantity. Companies can also do their future planning and production activity through the ERP system and it will also give you the accurate data about how much quantity of material is to be procured The company has also integrated the customer-Vendor portal to its system that serves as a one-stop -shop for all of your customers-vendor’s self-service needs. The in-built functionality gives you the timely alerts and notification for many transactions including payment reminder, delivery scheduling, sales invoice, upcoming material receiving and many more.

In a nutshell, SolutionOne ERP can be a great help in reducing the lead times and costs, and improving profit and quality, and bring all your business operations under one umbrella. Above all, the features and benefits can be used to make better strategic decisions of the company.